Фотографии электромобиля VW e-Up! 18.7 kWh

VW e-Up! 18.7 kWh


Сняты с производства
e-Up! 18.7 kWh

Основные характеристики

Годы производства 2016 - 2019
Страна производства Slovakia (e-Up!)
Разгон 0-100 км/ч 12.4 с 570 из 664
Запас хода 133 км 641 из 664
Батарея 18.7 кВт⋅ч 631 из 664
Разгон 0-100 км/ч 12.4 с
Емкость батареи 18.7 кВт⋅ч
Запас хода 133 км
  • Hatchback Hatchback body style icon
Зарядный порт
  • CCS|Type1 (USA) Hatchback charge port in the US
  • CCS|Type2 Hatchback charge port in the Europe
0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
Finish flag

12.4 с

12.4 с
Разгон 0-100 км/ч
130 км/ч
Макс. скорость

Характеристики VW e-Up! 18.7 kWh

Батарея и зарядка

Запас хода EPA
Запас хода NEDC
160 км (99 миль)
Запас хода WLTP
133 км (83 миль)
Емкость батареи
18.7 кВт⋅ч
Зарядка AC
3.7 кВт
Зарядка DC
37 кВт
Ср. скорость зарядки (DC)
~184 км/ч


Разгон 0-100 км/ч
12.4 с
Макс. скорость
130 км/ч (81 миль/ч)
Мощность двигателя
80 л.с. (60 кВт)
Крутящий момент
210 Нм (155 lb-ft)
14 кВт⋅ч/100 км
Тип двигателя

Кузов и привод

Кол-во сидений
Габариты (ДxШxВ)
3540 x 1646 x 1489 мм
Колесная база
2417 мм
Снаряженная масса
1129 кг
Объем багажника
250 л
Макс. буксируемый вес

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О VW e-Up!

The Volkswagen e-UP is an all-electric hatchback produced by the German automotive manufacturer Volkswagen. The car was subsequently unveiled at the September 2013 International Motor Show Germany.
VW’s e-up! is a great example of a conventional car made better by the addition of an electric powertrain. The little VW is an excellent citycar when fitted with a petrol engine, but it is even better in e-up! specification.
The electric engine has an output of 60kW (80hp) and delivers 155 lb-ft (210Nm) of torque.
The battery is positioned under the seats: this protects it from impact, and also maximizes boot space. Thanks to its recuperation technology, the e-up! takes this energy and uses it to power the battery. The driver can choose from four different, easy-to-activate recuperation modes.
A public high-speed DC charging station takes just 30 mins, while an at-home wall box gets the job done in 6 hours. The Combined Charging System (CCS) provides two types of plug, so you can charge the car in the comfort of your own home using either a domestic mains socket or a super-speedy wall box.
You might not expect much luxury in the new e-up!. But you’d be wrong. From the leather trimmed three-spoke steering wheel to the gear knob gaiter, handbrake grip and ‘Sharkskin’ dashpad, high-quality craftsmanship surrounds you. If that doesn’t impress you, the heated front seats with three individual temperature settings will do.
You’ll be proud to own the new e-up!. VW added understated, sophisticated styling features that make it uniquely recognisable. A blue and chrome strip below the bonnet lip, signature ‘C’ lights around the door handles and stylish 15-inch ‘Tezzle’ alloy wheels add the perfect finishing touch.

Награды и достижения

  • Next Green Car Awards: 2016 City Car


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