Фотографии электромобиля Lucid Air Grand Touring

Lucid Air Grand Touring



Основные характеристики

Годы производства 2023 - ...
Страна производства USA (Air)
Разгон 0-100 км/ч 3 с 18 из 664
Запас хода 839 км 4 из 664
Батарея 114 кВт⋅ч 30 из 664
Новый от $ N/A
Б/У от $ N/A
Разгон 0-100 км/ч 3 с
Емкость батареи 114 кВт⋅ч
Запас хода 839 км
  • Sedan Sedan body style icon
Зарядный порт
  • CCS|Type1 (USA) Sedan charge port in the US
  • CCS|Type2 Sedan charge port in the Europe
0 50 100 150 200 250 300
Finish flag

3 с

3 с
Разгон 0-100 км/ч
270 км/ч
Макс. скорость

Характеристики Lucid Air Grand Touring

Батарея и зарядка

Запас хода EPA
Запас хода WLTP
839 км (521 миль)
Емкость батареи
114 кВт⋅ч
Зарядка AC
22 кВт
Зарядка DC


Разгон 0-100 км/ч
3 с
Макс. скорость
270 км/ч (168 миль/ч)
Мощность двигателя
801 л.с. (597 кВт)
Крутящий момент
1200 Нм (885 lb-ft)
14 кВт⋅ч/100 км
Тип двигателя

Кузов и привод

Кол-во сидений
Габариты (ДxШxВ)
4975 x 2198 x 1410 мм
Колесная база
2960 мм
Снаряженная масса
Объем багажника
456 л
Макс. буксируемый вес

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О Lucid Air

The Lucid Air is an all-electric 4-door sedan, designed by the American automotive company Lucid Motors. Originally teased as the "Atieva Atvus" it was unveiled as the "Lucid Air" in December 2016 and originally planned to be available about two years later.
Designed from the inside out, the Lucid Air is meticulously sculpted to maximize interior space. Below a sweeping glass canopy, the ultra-spacious cabin provides an unrivaled sensory experience.
Inspired by an executive jet, the Air offers optional executive rear seating with 55 degrees of recline, affording moments to stretch out and relax.
Lucid’s powertrain technology unleashes breathtaking performance with world-class range and efficiency. Developed entirely in-house, this integrated system delivers the ultimate EV driving experience. Hitting top speeds or hugging tight corners, the Lucid Air’s perfectly calibrated air springs, advanced damper technology, and low center of gravity deliver precision handling and a smooth ride.
In the future, Lucid's assistive technology will help you and your family get things done. Over-the-air software upgrades will allow the Lucid Air to transition through progressive levels of autonomy. In the future, your car will be able to retrieve your groceries, pick up your kids from practice, or provide you a moment to sit back and relax as you are safely driven home. This time is yours.

Рейтинги безопасности

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